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Info zu FRITZ!Box 7570 VDSL

the update file in this folder contains the current firmware for FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7570.
Please download the file to your computer.

Important: This firmware is only intended for use with FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7570 vDSL International Edition

Product : FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7570 vDSL
Version : 75.04.92
Language : English, French
Annex : A and B
New Features : -Security: removes possibility for unauthorized access to FRITZ!Box. Please check for important information here:
- WLAN: Setting up a WLAN guest access
- Telephony: Support for FRITZ!App Fon for Android and iPhone
- Telephony: Set call routing for up to 20 Internet phone numbers


New with version 75.04.91:
- IPTV: Fix for P&T IPTV Service (Luxembourg)
- Fax: Interop for internal fax-service improved

New with version 75.04.90:
- WLAN: Setting up a WLAN guest access
- WLAN: Night service can now be set per day of the week
- WLAN: Improved auto channel function. Advanced identification and indication of potential sources of interference in the WLAN Monitor (spectrum analysis)
- WLAN: Improved interoperability with certain INTEL-Chipsets
- Internet: full, unrestriced IPv6 support
- Internet: DNS proxy of the FRITZ!Box is compatible with DNSSEC
- Internet: Improved termination of surfing time in the parental control
- Internet: Simplified configuration of Internet access data
- System: New Welcome/Home page.
- System: Display of the FRITZ!Box in Windows 7 in: "Devices and Printers" via PnP-X
- System: Improved Network Overview with online status and links to network shares in MSIE
- System: DHCP server extends the support of subnets smaller / 24
- System: assigning MAC addresses to fixed IP addresses
- System: LAN green mode
- System: manually configure time-server
- System: Extended TR-064 interface for the support of FRITZ!App
- Telephony: HD voice transmission among ISDN fixed-line parties
- Telephony: simplified configuration of phone numbers and telephony devices
- Telephony: Extended Provider List
- Telephony: Set call routing for up to 20 Internet phone numbers
- Telephony: Information on the quality of faxes via VoIP (Enhanced T.38 details in X-RTP)
- Telephony: Advanced Interoperability Fax (T.38)
- Telephony: Support for FRITZ!App Fon for Android and iPhone
- NAS / Storage: Internet share of a dedicated public area
- USB: Updated USB pages
- USB: support for secure FTP (SSL)
- USB: GZIP compression in WebDAV compatible with remote resources for a more rational use of bandwidth
- USB: FRITZ!Box audio and USB remote connection: print on demand
- Media Server: files larger than 2 GB are supported
- Media Server: improved interoperability with various media clients / formats
- DECT: MT-D/MT-F: display of images on the MT-F
- DECT: MT-D/MT-F: read and write Mails via the handset
- DECT: MT-D/MT-F: optimizations and improvements in the operation
- DECT: DECT: DECT Eco Mode (no emission) (FRITZ! Fon MT-D/MT-F, some new CAT-iq-enabled phones)
- DSL: improved compatibility with different DSL lines

new with 75.04.82:
SYSTEM: fixed a problem with the installation assistant that could overwrite encapsulation settings
WLAN: fixed potential WLAN-quality issue (in some cases there was a decrease in WLAN-signal quality after the update from 75.04.78 to 75.04.81)

new with 75.04.81:
DSL: new DSL firmware to further improve compatibility
DECT: NEW read podcasts with FRITZ!Fon MT-D/MT-F
DECT: NEW internet radio with FRITZ!Fon MT-D/MT-F
DECT: improved DECT radio transmission
DECT: listen to current answering machines messages while they are being recorded
DECT: new ringtones
DECT: new menu options for HD-test samples
DECT: improved editing of contacts
DECT: integrated babyfon and room surveillance
DECT: big watch as screen saver on standby screen
DECT: set-up alarm clock on MT-D/MT-F
DECT: activate or deactivate existing call forwarding via MT-D/MT-F
DECT: improved contact search (vanity)
Internet: NEW: Online-Monitor informs about internet connection, data transfer and online time
Internet: option to disconnect internet connection manually (expert mode)
Internet: removed PPPoE pass through
System: NEW advanced energy monitor to check temperature, memory- and cpu load
System: Improved remote access and WLAN connectivity for iPhone, Nokia E71 and Android devices
System: extended TR-064-interface
System: improved stability
System: removed possibility to configure separate LANs for the ethernet ports in user interface
Telephony: multiple online contact lists supported
Telephony: automatically delete message answering machine messages after forwarding via eMail (expert mode)
Telephony: improved wizards for "telephony devices" and "numbers"
Telephony: transition from combined fixed line and DSL connection to All-IP connection simplified
Telephony: improved fax interoperability (T.38)
Telephony: improved audio quality (MOS)
USB/NAS: display available USB storage space in the USB device overview
USB/NAS: display technical detail information about USB storage devices in the USB device overview (mouseover)
USB/NAS: improved USB performance
USB/NAS: optimised power saving options with Samsung, Western Digital and Seagate hard drives
USB: longer passwords for FTP-/network memory (NAS)
USB: Mediaserver: improved performance during boot of FRITZ!Box with activated media server
USB: Mediaserver: improved compatibility with various UPnP-clients
USB: Online-memory: optimised up- and downloads
WLAN: new WLAN pages
WLAN: fixed crash while changing WEP encryption settings
WLAN: WLAN interoperability with various WLAN clients improved
WLAN: performance and stability of WDS connections using 802.11N improved
WLAN: improved automatic channel selection
WLAN: faster availability of the WLAN module after changes in the user interface

Please note that some features are only accessible in Expert Mode (menu System/Expert Mode).

To carry out the firmware update:

1) Open your Internet browser and enter the address "" or ""
2) Select the menu "System" and then the sub-menu "Firmware Update".
3) Use the "Browse ..." button to enter the appropriate path to the update file.
4) Click the "Update" button.

To recover the storage space on your hard drive, you can delete the update file after
you have carried out the update.

© AVM GmbH 2014. All rights reserved.

This firmware package consists of files which are distributed under different
license terms, in particular under AVM proprietary license or under any Open
Source License (namely GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General Public
License or FreeBSD License). For further details see file "license.txt"
( The source
code of those files distributed as Open Source are available on written request

Under all AVM intellectual property rights, AVM grants the non-exclusive right
to personally use this AVM firmware package which is delivered in object code
format only. Licensee shall olny be entitled to make a copy exclusively reserved
for personal backup purposes (backup copy). AVM reserves all intellectual
property rights except as expressly granted herein. Without the prior written
approval of AVM and except to the extent as may be expressly authorised under
mandatory law, this AVM firmware package in particular

- shall not be copied, distributed or otherwise made publicly available
- shall not be modified, disassembled, reverse engineered, decompiled or
otherwise "be opened" in whole or in part, and insofar shall not be copied,
distributed or otherwise made publicly available.



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