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Info zu FRITZ!Box 3370

the update file in this folder contains the current firmware for FRITZ!Box WLAN 3370.
Please download the file to your computer.

Important: This firmware is only intended for use with FRITZ!Box WLAN 3370 International Edition

Product : FRITZ!Box WLAN 3370
Version : FRITZ!OS 6.52
Language : English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish
Annex : A and B

New Features : - New user interface design: optimized for tablets, smartphones and notebooks
- The entire home network at a glance - Update FRITZ! products centrally
- Analysis of the wireless LAN and private WiFi hotspot expanded
- Parental controls with tickets to extend online time

Below you find a complete list and descriptions of the new functions in the latest FRITZ!OS, along with a list of further improvements in this version.

What's new in FRITZ!OS (from 6.50)

NEW-With active VDSL vectoring, impulse noise protection (G.INP) can be used at the same time as seamless rate adaptation (SRA)

NEW: Parental controls with tickets to extend online time as needed
NEW: Display of remaining online time and restrictions to Internet use with (parental controls)
NEW: Display of a longer Internet disruption (red INFO LED and on Overview page of the user interface)
NEW: In the DS-Lite connection mode, the Port Control Protocol can be used to configure incoming IPv4 port sharing in the AFTR gateway of the Internet service provider. Must be supported by the Internet service provider.
NEW: Use own local DNS server (IPv4 and IPv6)
NEW: Automated port sharing in the home network set up via the Port Control Protocol (PCP)
NEW: New filter for TCP port 25 to block unsecured e-mail dispatch (can be enabled under "Internet / Filters / Lists")

NEW: Displays loading of radio channel currently in use (temporal progress)
NEW: Option for granting Internet access via the guest access only after consent to terms of use (captive portal)
NEW: Wireless standard in the 2.4-GHz band set to "802.11n+g" (presetting changed)
NEW: Failed login attempts by wireless devices recorded in a separate list on the "Wireless / Radio Network" page.

Storage (NAS):
NEW-USB storage media keep the drive name set on the computer (not active until factory settings configured)

Home network:
NEW: "Home network overview" of all connected devices
NEW: Central update function for all FRITZ! products in the home network
NEW: Deletion of inactive devices without special settings from the overview of network connections
NEW: Secure access to the user interface from connected FRITZ! devices via the FRITZ!Box password
NEW: Display of VPN users in the network connections overview

NEW-Option to enable "Internet connection via smartphone or mobile communications stick by USB tethering" automatically whenever the DSL connection is interrupted
NEW-Support for Huawei E3372h LTE dongle (tethering mode)

NEW: User interface in new responsive design for optimized display on smartphones and tablets
NEW: Completely new graphic design of the user interface
NEW: "Change notice" push service notifies about changes to selected settings and events
NEW: Push service sends mail with status after successful update (effective after next update)
NEW: Display of important notifications for secure, reliable operation with red "Info"' LED and on the start page

NEW: For increased security when accessing the user interface, now a FRITZ!Box password must be assigned during the first configuration
NEW: For increased security, a password must be assigned to backup files
NEW: Firewall "stealth mode" setting available under Internet > Filters > Lists > Global Filter Settings


New features for the FRITZ!Box: New design for FRITZ!OS 6.50, with better overview of the home network and over 120 innovations

The latest update offers a redesigned user interface at, optimized for smartphones, tablets and notebooks. In the browser it adjusts flexibly to the different display sizes. The user interface also received a fresh new look. The menu items and their arrangement remain familiar to users.

The extensive home network overview of all connected devices is also new. These include all wireless, LAN, powerline and USB devices. At a single glance users can see whether their connected FRITZ! products are equipped with the latest version of FRITZ!OS. You can start updates directly from here.

With the new FRITZ!OS you can also use helpful analyses of your wireless LAN environment. Under "Wireless / Radio Channel" the loading of the radio channel currently in use is shown over time for the 2.4-GHz and the 5-GHz frequency band. The lower the loading of the radio channel, the better the potential data throughput there.

Now there is an option for granting guest access to the wireless LAN or LAN only after consent to the FRITZ!Box owner's terms of use. The guest is taken first to a captive portal to signal consent. Without confirming this page, you cannot connect to the Internet.

News for parental controls: Tickets can be issued for each device to extend surfing time by 45 minutes. When online time has been exhausted, tickets can be redeemed on the Information page on blocked Internet use in the browser.
By going to with any network device, you can view the device's settings for Internet use and the amount of online time already used on the current day.

Since AVM also optimizes the security of the entire FRITZ! family with every new FRITZ!OS, it is advisable for every user to perform the update. The firewall can be operated in stealth mode to prevent ping queries. TLS security has been improved and port 25 received a new filter to block the unsecured e-mail dispatch.


Improvements and Bug Fixes in FRITZ!OS 6.52

Improved: Wireless LAN stability for using Entertain

Home network:
Resolved: Fixed assignment of the same IPv4 address lost on restart

Improved: Stability, eliminated possibility of continual reboots in special application scenarios
Changed: Update with a FRITZ!OS file is permitted only with the latest version of FRITZ!OS

Improvements and Bug Fixes in FRITZ!OS 6.50

Improvement-Notice on login page when no DSL connection available
Resolved-impulse noise protection (G.INP) was not negotiated during first connection after restart
Resolved-problem connecting to Broadcom 147.159 (VDSL)
Resolved-problem connecting to Infineon 7.23.4 (ADSL2+)

Improved: Number of VPN connections raised from 8 to 12
Improved: Support can be enabled for PPPoE passthrough
Improved: VPN interoperability to external remote stations
Changed: "MyFRITZ!" menu command renamed "MyFRITZ! Account"
Resolved: Non-supported services disabled when operating mode switched
Resolved: Error when checking connection of user-defined Dynamic DNS provider
Resolved: In some cases, VPN settings of FRITZ!Box user did not contain a preshared key
Resolved: Delayed notifications in the wireless network for Android apps on IPv6 connections
Resolved: Fix for missing data of a guest access configuration on the start page

Improved: Display of wireless LAN channels occupied by adjacent networks
Improved: Maximum possible data rate shown on the detail pages of wireless LAN devices in "Wireless / Radio Network"
Improved: Password evaluation for entry of wireless network key
Improved: Reworked messages on wireless LAN under "System / Events"
Improved: Wireless auto-channel function now also occupies higher channels in the 5-GHz band
Improved: Wireless guest access now encrypted with WPA2 instead of WPA/WPA2 (mixed mode)
Resolved: In "Repeater" operating mode, changes to "Radio Channel Settings" led to permanent loss of connection to access point
Resolved: Transmission power for enabled guest access can be controlled again
Resolved: Wireless guest access can be enabled in the "Share existing Internet connection in the network (IP client)" mode again

Storage (NAS):
Improved: Warning message on attempt to delete the "FRITZ!" folder
Improved: Media server supports thumbnails for contents of Synology NAS devices
Resolved: After releasing a directory for sharing with a user, NAS could no longer be reached by other users

Home network:
Improved: Display of type and path of a device's connection to the FRITZ!Box now included in the details of the "Network Overview" page
Improved: "Network Overview" page with optimized listing of powerline devices with their own user interface
Improved: Reworked local IPv6 settings
Improved: All AVM FRITZ!Powerline products in the powerline network can now be updated from the FRITZ!Box user interface

Improved: Optimized detection of memory cards in mobile communications dongles by Huawei
Improved: Mobile communications configuration optimized for smartphones and mobile communications dongles with USB tethering
Improved: Mobile communications modems by Huawei configured for automatic selection of network technology
Improved: Preselection of operating mode optimized for mobile communications dongles
Resolved: Configuration pages of a mobile communications dongle with USB tethering could not be opened from the mobile communications configuration under certain circumstances
Resolved: Detection corrected for mobile communications dongle Speedstick LTE V
Resolved: Eliminated "Unsupported device" message for tethering devices without a card reader
Resolved: Several Huawei mobile communication dongles were not correctly recognized as modems
Resolved: No timeout for detection attempts by card readers in mobile communications dongles

Improved: Upon conclusion, configuration wizard checks whether a new FRITZ!OS is available and offers an update
Improved: Reworked content and display of push service mails
Improved: Link to the FRITZ!Box user interface in the footer of the push service mail can now be accessed externally as well (requires MyFRITZ! or Dynamic DNS)
Improved: Option to deactivate push service entirely
Improved: Settings backup now also includes parental controls, wireless guest access and basic smart home settings
Improved: Sorting function in tables in the user interface
Improved: Dispatch of "FRITZ!Box Info" push mail as needed
Improved: "FRITZ!Box Info" and "Wireless Guest Access" push mail sent before restart
Improved: Time-saving operation via optimized navigation in the user interface
Improved: Display of new functions via HTTPS before a FRITZ!OS update
Improved: New event for saving settings

Improved: Password evaluation during first configuration and configuration of MyFRITZ!
Improved: Secure TLS mandatory, support for SSLv3 removed

Improved: Function diagnosis of function takes own FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters into consideration when counting radio networks of that name in the vicinity
Improved: Function diagnosis now includes detection of old wireless LAN devices (802.11b)
Improved: Send diagnostics results for "Function" and "Security" by mail

We recommend every update for reasons of security as well. Further improvements to increase security with this version of FRITZ!OS are presented at in the area "Updates increase security".

New in FRITZ!OS 6.30

This version of FRITZ!OS includes modifications to better support the latest services offered by Internet providers and improved interoperability on the DSL line.

Vodafone customers can enjoy an extra improvement with the new FRITZ!OS. It is now even easier to reconfigure the Vodafone account data entered during the first installation of the FRITZ!Box for a new DSL/VDSL line.

Additional improvements to the DSL software provide for improved stability and faster transmission over various connections. The DSL diagnostics data have also been expanded for error analysis, so that future optimizations can be analyzed in even greater detail.

Improvements and Bug Fixes in FRITZ!OS 6.30

Improvement - interoperability for VDSL
Improvement - expanded DSL diagnostics options

Improvement - faster web page access on busy lines
Improvement - VPN interoperability to external remote stations
Improvement - simpler configuration on Vodafone lines
Improvement - first configuration for Vodafone even when DSL cable not connected
Improvement - fist configuration with 1&1 start code supported even before switching date
Fixed - problems connecting to some VPN servers

Bug fix - no login by other users possible after sharing a folder

Improvement - password evaluation when setting the FRITZ!Box password during first configuration
Improvement - MyFRITZ! configuration with stricter password guidelines

Further improvements to increase security with this version of FRITZ!OS are presented at in the "Updates increase security" area.
Access to the FRITZ!Box via Telnet is no longer supported

New with FRITZ!OS 6.20:

DSL: see how long no signal was received on the DSL information page
DSL: VDSL Interop improvements
DSL: improved stability for G.Vector
DSL: improved DSL Diagnosis

Home net: display of MIMO standard in the detailed information about powerline devices
Home net: use of fixed IP addresses via DHCP server improved
Home net: change parental controls profile in the detailed settings for every network device
Home net: BPjM (Bundesprüfstelle für Jugendgefährdende Medien) filter is now only active if country is set to 'germany'

Internet: VPN connection to Android devices no longer disconnected after one hour
Internet: online counter now able to display higher bandwidths
Internet: when activating MyFRITZ! a random port for https will be selected
Internet: fixes a possibility to circumvent parental controls via guest access
Internet: added Diffie Hellmann Group 5, 14 and 15 for VPN
Internet: TR-069 connection request port is now closed once TR-069 has been deactivated
Internet: improved accessibility in IP client mode
Internet: added possiblity to use public IPv4 subnet
Internet: support for more 3G dongles with USB tethering
Internet: BPjM filter only active when country is set to Germany

Media server: support for Google "all inclusive" music added
Media server: support for Google Play Music Playlists

NAS: improved speed when displaying folder content and preview images
NAS: HTML player for photos, audio and video added
NAS: added a filter function to the search
NAS: search using metadata (date, size, last change)
NAS: upload multiple files via Drag&Drop
NAS: rename multiple files at the same time
NAS: separate icon for shared files and folders
NAS: optimized display of NAS pages on mobile devices

Security: enhanced security area in wireless LAN settings
Security: assistance in choosing safe passwords
Security: push mails are now sent using SSL encryption by default
Security: import and export the SSL certificate used by your FRITZ!Box

System: notification for important FRITZ!OS updates
System: crashes when using the new push services fixed
System: enables password to be set for the saved settings before an update
System: new FRITZ!OS Updates can be installed automatically (default setting)*
System: several improvements for the update process
System: improved scheduled switching for tablets and smartphones.

USB: improved stability when disconnecting USB devices
USB: improved detection of 3G sticks
USB: improved detection of some USB storage devices

WLAN: Wireless LAN auto channel can be updated over the user interface
WLAN: initial setup extended for wireless LAN information and setup
WLAN: list of access points in the wireless environment sorted by signal strength
WLAN: WPS for the wireless LAN guest access / private hotspot can be started via FRITZ!Box user interface
WLAN: detailed information about connected wireless devices (Rx/Tx data rate, RSSI value, wireless standard etc.)
WLAN: option for allowing wireless LAN auto channel only on channels without DFS (no impact of RADAR)
WLAN: faster activation of changed wireless LAN settings
WLAN: improved display of the wireless guest access on the main page of the user interface
WLAN: improved printer view
WLAN: direct link to the wireless guest access on the main page
WLAN: MAC address filter moved to WLAN/Security
WLAN: connection by QR code enabled for main AP

*Update of the FRITZ!Fon handset to at least version 3.29 required

When updating from a version older than 06.10-28194 the SSL certificate of FRITZ!Box will change. If you are using an app or a program that uses the certificate, there might an error message.

* FRITZ!Box can periodically search for a new FRITZ!OS version and automatically update (usually at night); you can change the default setting at System/Update.

Important: during the update of FRITZ!OS, services like telephony and IPTV will be disconnected temporarily.

NEW: Ready for VDSL Vectoring (standard g.vector, full support)

NEW: Improved parental control, expanded for guest access
NEW: Parent control with shared budget for multiple devices
NEW: Simplified setup of VPN users, Ethernet-Ethernet connections and VPN access to office networks
NEW: Easy VPN setup for Smartphone VPN users
NEW: Support for Locator Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP)

NEW: Renovated MyFRITZ! access to FRITZ!NAS for mobile devices
NEW: MyFRITZ! image viewer and audio player for files on fritz.nas

NEW: Wireless LAN guest access as "private hotspot"
NEW: Wireless LAN guest access restricted to surfing and mail in default settings
NEW: Wireless LAN guest access with automatically dispatch of usage log
NEW: printable information sheet with wireless LAN registration information and QR code makes it easier for guests to connect
NEW: supports the extension of the wireless LAN guest access via wireless repeater

Media Server/NAS
NEW: FRITZ!NAS user interface (fritz.nas) renovated and picture viewer integrated
NEW: FRITZ!NAS sharing of files and folders via e-mail
NEW: support for web radio, podcasts and Google Play music

NEW: improved and expanded push service
NEW: keylock for WLAN key on the FRITZ!Box
NEW: display of information for wireless LAN guest access and connected devices

new with FRITZ!OS 5.52
Security: removes possibility for unauthorized access to FRITZ!Box.

new with version FRITZ!OS 5.51:

NEW: simplified setup of internet account data
NEW: Child protection now uses same design as home network
NEW: Child protection now disconnects active sessions when the surf time is used up
improved presentation of IPv6 functions
improved performance with activated child protection
prevents broadcasting IPv4 multicast with local scope to the internet
fixed problem with dynamic DNS-provider DNS4BIZ

NEW: interop improvements
NEW: DSL-spectrum graphic now displays max- and min-values
NEW: DSL-line test can diagnose the physical DSL-connection

NEW: new repeater function to improve the range of a WLAN network*
Warning: If you were using WDS: with this update WDS is changed. It is
not compatible to the older version of the repeater function any longer.
NEW: allows automatic transfer of night-settings to your FRITZ!WLAN Repeater

Home Network
NEW: display if a network device is connected via Repeater/Powerline
NEW: integrated network time server will provide time and date to all network devices
improved display of device-details

NEW: MyFRITZ!-use can now login with the same account to MyFRITZ! and the FRITZ!Box
NEW: Improved MyFRITZ!-Start page for mobile devices, integrated Smart Home support
NEW: support for MyFRITZ! App (Android).
NEW: MyFRITZ!-access for simple worldwide access to Home Network devices via subdomain-name
NEW: When creating a new account from the FRITZ!Box web interface, the name of the FRITZ!Box will automatically be used on MyFRITZ!

Memory(NAS) and USB
NEW: separate shares and read-/write access for every FRITZ!Box user
NEW: USB-memory can now be disconnected separately
improved USB device handling

Media server
NEW: added support for FLAC & M4A

NEW: FRITZ!Box-user with different access rights for setup, telephone and storage
added new mailservers for push service setup
start page now also displays status of LAN-guestaccess and Smart Home
LAN-settings moved to Home Network

NEW: Option to allow use of internet telephony over mobile internet connections
NEW: intelligent USB-3G dongle detection

Important details regarding this update:

Tip: to use the new functions of the FRITZ!Box web interface, please use a
Webbrowser with HTML5-support (for example the current versions of Chrome,
Firefox or Safari)

* For more information about the new WLAN repeater function, please visit

New with version 111.05.24:
DSL: interop improvements
System: translations updated

New with version 111.05.23:
DSL: various interop improvements
Telephony: support for emergencynumbers in france
System: fix for problem where XS4ALL-IPTV settings got deleted when rebooting the FRITZ!Box
System: restricted UPnP-shares for port 49200 in the local network
UMTS: stability improved

New with version 111.05.22:
DSL: New DSL-version with improvements for ADSL2+ and VDSL lines
DSL: improved VDSL-interoperability and performance
DSL: optimised display of DSL data-rate on annex J lines
DSL: improved interop for Globespan cabinet mode lines
DSL: improved interop for various lines by deactivating PTM

Internet: New- use MyFRITZ! to safely access your FRITZ!Box from abroad
Internet: New- optional possibility to manually configure DNS server
Internet: New- UMTS-fall-back in case of a problem with the Internet connection over DSL
Internet: New- display of line speed for Internet access via LAN added in the online-monitor
Internet: New- configurability of Exposed host and ping6 in the IPv6 settings
Internet: New- configurability of other IPv6-routers in your home-network
Internet: New- IPv6-support for UPnP, UPnP-AV and TR-064
Internet: New- DynDNS-support for IPv6 with and
Internet: New- possibility to deactivate NetBIOS-filter
Internet: redesign of internet-account information pages
Internet: completed support for DNSSEC
Internet: improved error handling with DynDNS refresh
Internet: Internet-page loading accelerated with active child-protection

WLAN: New- integrated possibility to send feedback per WLAN-device
WLAN: New- active MAC-filter now automatically deactivated during WPS pairing
WLAN: New WLAN module
WLAN: WLAN-start and changes in the configuration accelerated
WLAN: improved interoperability with Logitech Squeezebox Radio
WLAN: Mouse over display of WLAN device name and IP-address in the system log
WLAN: reduced WLAN events with WPS for Windows7 and Windows Vista clients
WLAN: display of WDS-devices improved
WLAN: display of link-speed added for connections to Apple MacBook
WLAN: added configurability for WLAN connects and disconnects messages in the syslog
WLAN: added "new WLAN device first connect" message in the syslog
WLAN: additional syslog entry in case the 5Ghz channel is used by systems with priority (radar)
WLAN: to improve Windows-compatibility space at the beginning or end of a WLAN key are filtered

Telephony: New- Prioritise phone calls in your WLAN with FRITZ!App Fon
Telephony: Menu option "Own Telephone Numbers" combines internet- and fixed-line numbers with a status overview
Telephony: display-name now also configurable for remotely managed Voip-accounts
Telephony: transmit the number of messages on the answering machine to IP-telephones (MWI)
Telephony: display-name of the own number now possible to transmit to IP-telephones
Telephony: simplified email-setup for fax-reception
Telephony: improved the behaviour for the sip-registration with alternative providers
Telephony: added IMS-support for "implicit registration"
Telephony: fixed a possible problem when taking over a call from the answering machine
Telephony: improved import of telephone book
Telephony: improved signalling on analogue extensions in some scenarios
Telephony: improved caller line detection for some analogue lines
Telephony: improved Internet telephony setup
Telephony: stability improvements

DECT/FRITZ!Fon: New- configurable background image with date/time
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: New- new start screen for FRITZ!Fon MT-F
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: New- display incoming calls with bigger font
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: New- new midi-ringtones
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: fixed sporadic loss of connection to DECT-base
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: improved interop with other DECT phones
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: corrected text display in podcasts
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: accelerated menu speed for podcasts and internet-radio
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: improved error handling in case of missing pictures

Homenetwork: New- Change your FRITZ!Box name: for WLAN SSID, SMB, DECT and more
Homenetwork: New- Internet access for guests connected to LAN4
Homenetwork: New- improved display of guest-devices in the network-overview
Homenetwork: New- network devices with an http interface can now be clicked in the networking-overview
Homenetwork: New- automatic wake on LAN for devices reachable from the internet (including IPv6)
Homenetwork: New- display of FRITZ!Powerline-devices in the network-overview
Homenetwork: New- details of network devices now shows extended information including IPv6 addresses

System: New - smartphone optimised web-pages for and
System: New - name of FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!OS displayed on main-page
System: New - setup simplified (new passwords will now be initially shown in plain text at configuration)
System: New - simplified change between normal and expert view
System: New - push mail now contains more detailed DSL information
System: New - push-mail now displays current IP-address and missed phone calls
System: New - possibility to activated automated sending feedback in case of a crash
System: New - automatically synchronise WLAN night-settings between multiple FRITZ! products
System: improved stability
System: added POP3 SLL support for
System: DNS-server of FRITZ!Box enhanced (DNS over TCP)
System: corrected loss of APIPA-address
System: DOS-robustness of https-access towards the thc-ssl-dos-tool improved
System: fixed problems of displaying username and SMTP server in the push mail service
System: fixed possible problem with using IP-cameras with real time streaming-protocol

USB: multifunction printers now only need the activation of "printer" device type with USB remote connection
USB: Interop with EnOcean USB device improved
USB: improved write performance for USB memory
USB: improved stability when disconnecting USB memory

Memory/NAS: New- name of workgroup changeable
Memory/NAS: accelerated scanning of memory for internet-sharing
Memory/NAS: accelerated FTP connection for LAN-access to USB memory
Memory/NAS: improved handling of USB memory disconnects while scanning media-files
Memory/NAS: improved picture handling and search with Internet explorer 9

Mediaserver: New- playlist support added
Mediaserver: improved interop (Sony TV, Kathrein-receiver, Xbox360 ...)
Mediaserver: performance-improvements
Mediaserver: improved handling of Umlauts in MP3-Album covers and jpg files

UMTS: added support for some UMTS devices with CSV function
UMTS: added support for new UMTS devices (ZTE K4505-Z, Sierra USB 309, 4G Systems XS Stick P14)

Important details regarding this update:

[1] Automatic priorisation of Voice data using FRITZ!App phone requires at least version 1.6.0 for iOS and 1.56 for Android.

[2] Automatic synchronisation of the WLAN-night-settings will require an upcoming update of the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater software.

[3] With the current IPv6-implementation AVM already follows the current IETF-suggestion, to not establish a 6to4-tunnel automatically, as long as the Internet provider does not support IPv6 natively.
Please explicitly configure 6to4 as connection type if you wish to use 6to4 for your IPv6 connection.

[4] The energy consumption values have been recalibrated in this release. Due to this they will differ from the displayed valued of the former release version.

[5] To be able to use all new DECT features, please make sure to also update the firmware of your FRITZ!Fon to the latest available version.

Please note that some features are only accessible in Expert Mode (menu System/Expert Mode).

To carry out the firmware update:

1) Open your Internet browser and enter the address "" or ""
2) Select the menu "System" and then the sub-menu "Firmware Update".
3) Use the "Browse ..." button to enter the appropriate path to the update file.
4) Click the "Update" button.

To recover the storage space on your hard drive, you can delete the update file after
you have carried out the update.

 AVM GmbH 2014. All rights reserved.

This firmware package consists of files which are distributed under different
license terms, in particular under AVM proprietary license or under any Open
Source License (namely GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General Public
License or FreeBSD License). For further details see file "license.txt"
( The source
code of those files distributed as Open Source are available on written request

Under all AVM intellectual property rights, AVM grants the non-exclusive right
to personally use this AVM firmware package which is delivered in object code
format only. Licensee shall olny be entitled to make a copy exclusively reserved
for personal backup purposes (backup copy). AVM reserves all intellectual
property rights except as expressly granted herein. Without the prior written
approval of AVM and except to the extent as may be expressly authorised under
mandatory law, this AVM firmware package in particular

- shall not be copied, distributed or otherwise made publicly available
- shall not be modified, disassembled, reverse engineered, decompiled or
otherwise "be opened" in whole or in part, and insofar shall not be copied,
distributed or otherwise made publicly available.



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