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Info zu FRITZ!Box 7490

The update file in this folder contains the latest firmware for FRITZ!Box 7430.
Please download the file to your computer.

Important: This firmware is only intended for use with FRITZ!Box 7430 International Edition

Product : FRITZ!Box 7430
Version : FRITZ!OS 6.52
Language : English, French, Italian, Spanish
Annex : A and B
New Features : - Improved stability, correction of fixed IP address assignment
- New user interface design: optimized for tablets, smartphones and notebooks
- The entire home network at a glance - Update FRITZ! products centrally
- Analysis of the wireless LAN and private WiFi hotspot expanded
- Parental controls with tickets to extend online time
- FRITZ!Fon with new start screens and new smart functions
- FRITZ!Box controls the temperature at home

Below you find a complete list and descriptions of the new functions in the latest FRITZ!OS, along with a list of further improvements in this version.
What's new in FRITZ!OS (from 6.52)

NEW-With active VDSL vectoring, impulse noise protection (G.INP) can be used at the same time as seamless rate adaptation (SRA)

NEW: Parental controls with tickets to extend online time as needed
NEW: Display of remaining online time and restrictions to Internet use with (parental controls)
NEW: Display of a longer Internet disruption (red INFO LED and on Overview page of the user interface)
NEW: In the DS-Lite connection mode, the Port Control Protocol can be used to configure incoming IPv4 port sharing in the AFTR gateway of the Internet service provider. Must be supported by the Internet service provider.
NEW: Use own local DNS server (IPv4 and IPv6)
NEW: Automated port sharing in the home network set up via the Port Control Protocol (PCP)
NEW: New filter for TCP port 25 to block unsecured e-mail dispatch (can be enabled under "Internet / Filters / Lists")

NEW: Displays loading of radio channel currently in use (temporal progress)
NEW: Option for granting Internet access via the guest access only after consent to terms of use (captive portal)
NEW: Wireless standard in the 2.4-GHz band set to "802.11n+g" (presetting changed)
NEW: Failed login attempts by wireless devices recorded in a separate list on the "Wireless / Radio Network" page.

Storage (NAS):
NEW-USB storage media keep the drive name set on the computer (not active until factory settings configured)

Smart Home:
NEW: Support for Comet DECT radiator control from EUROtronic
NEW: Up to 140 freely configurable switching points for automatic switching "according to schedule"
NEW: Switch group via a master
NEW: Sequence of devices in the smart home overview can be defined
NEW: Usage data sent by push mail as a CSV attachment

NEW: All three operating modes of the answering machine can be scheduled: "Record messages", "Greeting only" and "off"
NEW: Blacklist for incoming calls: Complete telephone books can be used to block incoming calls
NEW: "Open door", "FRITZ!Fon ring tone" and "Live image" functions supported for door intercom systems
NEW: DTMF generation for analog extensions supported (required for door intercom systems)
NEW: Support for IP door intercom systems
NEW: Supports telephony with 4G Systems W21S mobile communications dongle on the USB port of the FRITZ!Box

NEW: Three new start screens: "New calls", "Answering machine" and "FRITZ!Box" (FRITZ!Fon C5, C4 and MT-F)
NEW: Large font setting for FRITZ!Fon C5, C4 and MT-F (Settings > Display > Large font)
NEW: Management of live images for FRITZ!Fon added underDECT / Web Services
NEW: Remote operation of Comet DECT radiator control from EUROtronic
NEW: Support for door intercom systems with image transmission to FRITZ!Fon C5, C4 and MT-F
NEW: Improved audio transmission of web radio/podcast and media player (model-dependent, CELT codec)
NEW: Support for headset buttons (Call accept/disconnect)
NEW: Display of png and gif image formats on FRITZ!Fon handsets with color display
NEW: Gigaset handsets: Transmission of telephone books and individual entries to and from FRITZ!Box supported

Home network:
NEW: "Home network overview" of all connected devices
NEW: Central update function for all FRITZ! products in the home network
NEW: Deletion of inactive devices without special settings from the overview of network connections
NEW: Secure access to the user interface from connected FRITZ! devices via the FRITZ!Box password
NEW: Display of VPN users in the network connections overview

NEW-Option to enable "Internet connection via smartphone or mobile communications stick by USB tethering" automatically whenever the DSL connection is interrupted
NEW-Support for Huawei E3372h LTE dongle (tethering mode)

NEW: User interface in new responsive design for optimized display on smartphones and tablets
NEW: Completely new graphic design of the user interface
NEW: "Change notice" push service notifies about changes to selected settings and events
NEW: Push service sends mail with status after successful update (effective after next update)
NEW: Display of important notifications for secure, reliable operation with red "Info"' LED and on the start page

NEW: For increased security when accessing the user interface, now a FRITZ!Box password must be assigned during the first configuration
NEW: For increased security, a password must be assigned to backup files
NEW: Firewall "stealth mode" setting available under Internet > Filters > Lists > Global Filter Settings
NEW: Option to prevent Internet telephony from the home network (under "Telephony / Telephone Numbers / Line Settings")


New features for the FRITZ!Box: New design for FRITZ!OS 6.50, with better overview of the home network and over 120 innovations

The latest update offers a redesigned user interface at, optimized for smartphones, tablets and notebooks. In the browser it adjusts flexibly to the different display sizes. The user interface also received a fresh new look. The menu items and their arrangement remain familiar to users.

The extensive home network overview of all connected devices is also new. These include all wireless, LAN, powerline, DECT, smart home and USB devices. At a single glance users can see whether their connected FRITZ! products are equipped with the latest version of FRITZ!OS. You can start updates directly from here.

With the new FRITZ!OS you can also use helpful analyses of your wireless LAN environment. Under "Wireless / Radio Channel" the loading of the radio channel currently in use is shown over time for the 2.4-GHz frequency band. The lower the loading of the radio channel, the better the potential data throughput there.

Now there is an option for granting guest access to the wireless LAN or LAN only after consent to the FRITZ!Box owner's terms of use. The guest is taken first to a captive portal to signal consent. Without confirming this page, you cannot connect to the Internet.

News for parental controls: Tickets can be issued for each device to extend surfing time by 45 minutes. When online time has been exhausted, tickets can be redeemed on the Information page on blocked Internet use in the browser.
By going to with any network device, you can view the device's settings for Internet use and the amount of online time already used on the current day.

If there are problems with network access or Internet telephony, the FRITZ!Box notifies the user by lighting the "Info" LED red. The start page of the user interface displays more precise information about the reason for the disruption.

You can also benefit from new options for telephony: For instance, unwanted calls can now be blocked by setting up a blacklist in the telephone book.

There are plenty of new features for DECT as well: With three new start screens ("Answering machine", "FRITZ!Box" and "New calls"), now the FRITZ!Fon can be adapted even more flexibly to your needs. This makes important information and events easier to view and access. Tip: Update the software on FRITZ!Fon and press the "MENU" key twice.

A lot has been done for the smart home features as well: Now FRITZ!Fon supports door intercom systems with video function: When the doorbell rings, you can see every visitor right on your FRITZ!Fon. Support for the Comet DECT radiator thermostat opens up all kinds of new possibilities. The device is seamlessly integrated into the user interface of the new FRITZ!OS, allowing you to control the temperature at home and save costs through energy efficient heating.

Along with heating, now an advanced group function can be used to switch one or more actuators (FRITZ!DECT 200, FRITZ!Powerline 546E) on or off by temperature.
Here the actuator itself, for instance a FRITZ!DECT 200 or FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100 serves as the temperature sensor. More innovations in the smart home area include options for sunrise/sunset switching, up to 140 freely selectable switching points for the "according to schedule" option, and the dispatch of consumption data as an attachment to a push mail from FRITZ!DECT 200 and FRITZ!Powerline 546E.

Since AVM also optimizes the security of the entire FRITZ! family with every new FRITZ!OS, it is advisable for every user to perform the update. This way All-IP connections can be better protected from unauthorized Internet calls from the home network ("Telephony / Telephone Numbers / Line Settings"). The firewall can be operated in stealth mode to prevent ping queries. TLS security has been improved and port 25 received a new filter to block the unsecured e-mail dispatch.

Improvements and Bug Fixes in FRITZ!OS 6.52

Improvement-Notice on login page when no DSL connection available
Resolved-impulse noise protection (G.INP) was not negotiated during first connection after restart
Resolved-problem connecting to Broadcom 147.159 (VDSL)
Resolved-problem connecting to Infineon 7.23.4 (ADSL2+)

Improved: Wireless LAN stability for using Entertain
Improved: Number of VPN connections raised from 8 to 12
Improved: Support can be enabled for PPPoE passthrough
Improved: VPN interoperability to external remote stations
Changed: "MyFRITZ!" menu command renamed "MyFRITZ! Account"
Resolved: Non-supported services disabled when operating mode switched
Resolved: Error when checking connection of user-defined Dynamic DNS provider
Resolved: In some cases, VPN settings of FRITZ!Box user did not contain a preshared key
Resolved: Delayed notifications in the wireless network for Android apps on IPv6 connections
Resolved: Fix for missing data of a guest access configuration on the start page

Improved: Display of wireless LAN channels occupied by adjacent networks
Improved: Maximum possible data rate shown on the detail pages of wireless LAN devices in "Wireless / Radio Network"
Improved: Password evaluation for entry of wireless network key
Improved: Reworked messages on wireless LAN under "System / Events"
Improved: Wireless guest access now encrypted with WPA2 instead of WPA/WPA2 (mixed mode)
Resolved: In "Repeater" operating mode, changes to "Radio Channel Settings" led to permanent loss of connection to access point
Resolved: Transmission power for enabled guest access can be controlled again
Resolved: Wireless guest access can be enabled in the "Share existing Internet connection in the network (IP client)" mode again

Storage (NAS):
Improved: Warning message on attempt to delete the "FRITZ!" folder
Improved: Media server supports thumbnails for contents of Synology NAS devices
Resolved: After releasing a directory for sharing with a user, NAS could no longer be reached by other users

Smart Home:
Improved: New switching options for sunrise/sunset
Improved: Temperature master as option for group switching

Resolved: MWI disabled for VoIP provider "Telekom" and "Other providers" after editing
Improvement-provider prefixes for call-by-call in all operating modes
Improved: Display of longer disruption of IP-based telephony (red INFO LED)
Improved: When selecting a range (e.g. mobile communications network) for dialing rules and call blocks, the exact range of telephone numbers is displayed
Improved: Names can be assigned for call blocks
Improved: Reworked display of call time for calls and voice messages
Improved: Diagnostics with improved texts and status displays for telephony problems
Improved: Detection of caller name optimized for internal answering machine
Improved: Error message when non-numeric characters entered for PIN for remote answering machine playback
Improved: New contacts in Google can be assigned to a selected group
Improved: Configuration of STUN server also possible when VoIP used via UMTS dongle
Improved: New intercontinental range for call block/dialing rules to telephone numbers outside Europe
Improved: Better voice quality for FRITZ!Fon M2, C4 (equalizer updated)
Improved: "Internal numbers" telephone book offers editing and deletion for telephone numbers adopted from an upstream FRITZ!Box
Improved: If answering machine is set to pick up immediately, calls are rejected immediately when answering machine is busy
Improved: New voice memos signaled to the handset more quickly
Improved: New event when reading in telephone books fails because of too many entries
Improved: Changes to configurations of the answering machine modes "Record messages", "Greeting only" and "Schedule" can now be made without activating the given operating mode
Changed: For provider "Telekom", specification for DTMF transmission switched to "telephone event"
Changed: Status display of the telephony LED gray on the start page if at least one telephone number is not registered
Changed: Removed keypad code for resetting telephony settings (#99**)
Changed: Port for the STUN server at provider sipgate converted from port 10000 to standard port 3478
Resolved: Provider prefixes also considered for call diversion and "divert via"
Resolved: User name cannot be entered for Internet telephone numbers of
Resolved: Error in writing existing telephone book entries
Resolved: Malfunction during call diversion to inactive answering machines eliminated
Resolved: Inconsistencies in managing telephone numbers
Resolved: Deletion of SIP trunk telephone numbers generated inconsistencies in some cases
Resolved: Deletion of multiple messages on the answering machine can fail
Resolved: Failed parallel call ended internal call distribution in some cases
Resolved: Fax forwarding by e-mail could fail permanently when the push service was initially configured along with the fax machine
Resolved: For a substitute connection it was possible to use an incorrect number for outgoing calls
Resolved: For missing area code prefix, domestic calls not signaled as "national" on the internal S0 port (FON S0)
Resolved: When multiple IP telephones are registered, changes in certain constellations applied to a different IP telephone
Resolved: Double signaling of internally forwarded calls when push mail enabled for all calls
Resolved: Incoming calls sometimes interrupted voice transmission during existing telephone calls
Resolved: Possible incorrect display of telephone number for incoming international calls
Resolved: Connection possibly aborted when FRITZ!App Fon used for codec change during active connection
Resolved: After deletion of received fax documents, flashing INFO LED not always reset correctly

Improved: "Schedule" operation mode added to the configuration menu of the answering machine
Improved: Pause function in the media player, for RSS feeds and podcasts ("OK" key)
Improved: Audio parameters adjusted for better voice quality at the edge of transmission range
Improved: Display of available FRITZ!OS updates on FRITZ!Fon "Events" start screen
Improved: Display does not turn off when "Live image" active
Improved: Live images can be cycled through by switch
Improved: Alarm rings even when Do Not Disturb enabled (locally)
Improved: Clearer display of smart home devices
Improved: "Advanced Security" for DECT connections (early encryption und rekeying)
Improved: Better compatibility of selected, newer Panasonic DECT devices with the FRITZ!Box
Improved: For newer Gigaset models: support for "mute/unmute" during a call
Improved: Gigaset: support of Gigaset's own telephone book options for various models

Home network:
Improved: Display of type and path of a device's connection to the FRITZ!Box now included in the details of the "Network Overview" page
Improved: "Network Overview" page with optimized listing of powerline devices with their own user interface
Improved: Reworked local IPv6 settings
Improved: All AVM FRITZ!Powerline products in the powerline network can now be updated from the FRITZ!Box user interface
Resolved: Fixed assignment of the same IPv4 address lost on restart

Improved: Optimized detection of memory cards in mobile communications dongles by Huawei
Improved: Mobile communications configuration optimized for smartphones and mobile communications dongles with USB tethering
Improved: Mobile communications modems by Huawei configured for automatic selection of network technology
Improved: Preselection of operating mode optimized for mobile communications dongles
Resolved: Configuration pages of a mobile communications dongle with USB tethering could not be opened from the mobile communications configuration under certain circumstances
Resolved: Detection corrected for mobile communications dongle Speedstick LTE V
Resolved: Eliminated "Unsupported device" message for tethering devices without a card reader
Resolved: Several Huawei mobile communication dongles were not correctly recognized as modems
Resolved: No timeout for detection attempts by card readers in mobile communications dongles

Improved: Upon conclusion, configuration wizard checks whether a new FRITZ!OS is available and offers an update
Improved: Reworked content and display of push service mails
Improved: Link to the FRITZ!Box user interface in the footer of the push service mail can now be accessed externally as well (requires MyFRITZ! or Dynamic DNS)
Improved: Option to deactivate push service entirely
Improved: Settings backup now also includes parental controls, wireless guest access and basic smart home settings
Improved: Sorting function in tables in the user interface
Improved: Dispatch of "FRITZ!Box Info" push mail as needed
Improved: "FRITZ!Box Info" and "Wireless Guest Access" push mail sent before restart
Improved: Time-saving operation via optimized navigation in the user interface
Improved: Display of new functions via HTTPS before a FRITZ!OS update
Improved: New event for saving settings
Resolved: Error adopting settings for online telephone books
Improved: Stability, eliminated possibility of continual reboots in special application scenarios
Changed: Update with a FRITZ!OS file is permitted only with the latest version of FRITZ!OS

Improved: Password evaluation during first configuration and configuration of MyFRITZ!
Improved: Secure TLS mandatory, support for SSLv3 removed

Improved: Function diagnosis of function takes own FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters into consideration when counting radio networks of that name in the vicinity
Improved: "Smart Home" area added to function diagnosis
Improved: Function diagnosis now includes detection of old wireless LAN devices (802.11b)
Improved: Send diagnostics results for "Function" and "Security" by mail

We recommend every update for reasons of security as well. Further improvements to increase security with this version of FRITZ!OS are presented at in the area "Updates increase security".


To carry out the firmware update:

1) Open your Internet browser and enter the address "" or ""
2) Select the "System" menu and then the "Firmware Update" sub-menu.
3) Use the "Browse ..." button to enter the appropriate path to the update file.
4) Click the "Update" button.

To recover the storage space on your hard drive, you can delete the update file after
performing the update.

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This firmware package consists of files which are distributed under different
license terms, in particular under AVM proprietary license or under any Open
Source License (namely GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General Public
License or FreeBSD License). For further details see file "license.txt"
( The source
code of those files distributed as Open Source are available on written request

Under all AVM intellectual property rights, AVM grants the non-exclusive right
to personally use this AVM firmware package which is delivered in object code
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